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    You May be Eligible for Free Trees!

    Atlanta has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country – especially in the spring. And when the weather starts to warm up and folks are...

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    How to Drive on Black Ice

    I realize everyone feels cooped up in the homes. But you have to remember that Atlanta is really not equipped to deal with snow, and that ice is a...

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    How to Get Off Catalog Mailing Lists

    It’s that time of year – the time when every catalog known to man will be hitting your mailbox – especially if you have purchased a home recently. Yesterday...

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    Get Your Home Ready for Winter

    The weather in Atlanta is FINALLY starting to feel like winter is on the horizon. So, now is the time to prepare your home for the drop in temperature...

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    Protecting Your Credit

    One thing I tell every one of my clients after they purchase a home in Atlanta is that they are about to get inundated with credit card offers. Since...

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    Telemarketing/Scammer Blocking Apps

    As  much as I love being a Realtor in Atlanta, there is one think that drives me NUTS! And that is all of the telemarketing and scam calls I...

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    New Scam in Real Estate – Wire Fraud

      Unfortunately protecting yourself in this age of technology is becoming more and more of a challenge. There is identify theft, credit card skimmers, a variety of internet schemes,...

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    DeKalb County Ends Curbside Glass Recycling

    For all the homeowners in DeKalb County, your curbside glass recycling is a thing of the past. But, you have options! If you would like to recycle your glass,...

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    Fulton County Property Taxes Hit Mailboxes

        Do you own property in Atlanta? Fulton County tax assessments hit mailboxes yesterday. If you are having stick shock….. Reasons you should appeal: 1. Assessments are determined...

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    You Had One Job

    This post based on a photo off of Reddit seems almost impossible. But, unfortunately, mistakes like this are not all that uncommon with all of the new construction happening...

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Amy is a native Atlantan who was raised in the world of real estate. Her father is an architect and builder and she found herself on job sites at an early age. By the time she had her driver's license, she was managing her family's real estate rental properties. She never intended to go into the family business. But, you know how that story goes. So, if you are looking for an agent with a lifetime of experience, give Amy a call.

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